The Circularity University programs are invaluable to any business team looking to overcome operational challenges. Chairseven is now the proud host of Circularity University New York.


Circularity University is the Place For Leaders To Accelerate Their Potential


Since 1986, Circularity University has hosted and facilitated thousands of executive meetings. Every meeting we host and facilitate acts as our "vetting coalition," and drives real-world insights back into our management system. And, every meeting is the catalyst for "epic experiences," the secret to quantified 20-year quantum leaps. We learned this in a life-altering conversation in the shark tank at SeaWorld (ask us sometime, it's a cool story).

From Tokyo University to Stanford, from Myanmar to Iceland, from mega yachts to private jets, from a sandbar to a palace, we believe in the power of one constant: "the wisdom is always in the room." The collective wisdom is always better. It accelerates the most meaningful breakthroughs.


We believe our world has the people, technology, and resources to solve any problem, even humanity’s most urgent, persistent challenges.

As a catalyst for global change, we help others leverage rapidly accelerating technologies—including artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, robotics, and digital biology—in innovative ways to unlock solutions that can positively impact billions of lives.  After all, we want you to uncover your purpose and leverage it to impact your life and business, your community, your country, and the world.  Act galactically!



Genuis X

In the past 32 years of working with thousands of entrepreneurial companies, we know that 96% percent of all companies fail within 10 years. Our Genius X sessions consist of leaders across industries who get together on a monthly basis to learn, practice, embody, and master our world-renowned The 12 Practices™ management system. Together, we identify your highest-leverage strategic priority every 90 days, and take action. We also solve small and big operational challenges, share ideas, and offer each other solutions and support.

Each Genuis X session is guided by a senior level consultant with more than 40+ years in the field.  You will be guided by The 12 Practices, and held accountable to your peers.

What is Circularity University?

The Advanced Leader Program (ALP) is a year-long immersive learning experience in Seattle and New York City that takes a deep dive into the Twelve Practices of Business.  Mastery of the Twelve Practices is what has, time and time again, driven organizations to save 20 years at a time, and for leaders to take a quantum leap in their development.  This program has driven billions of dollars in new revenue, has been developed from actual on-the-ground experience, and is what allows us and our leaders to collapse time!

Who it's for: 

This intensive program is intended for future-oriented senior influencers in business, government, and nonprofit sectors with the desire to have a positive impact at scale, and who want to create their organization’s future—and the world’s future—not simply react to it.


Circularity University @ Chairseven New York
1185 Avenue of the Americas

Application status:

Enrollment Open Now
Call: 212-235-7211 ext. 101 for enrollment details or click the button below to request a callback.

What does it cost?

We always want to deliver value from the first minute we're together to the last minute.  If the value of the program isn't obvious (and actionable - there's no theory here), then we haven't done our jobs.

We also firmly believe that you will see the most results by completing all 12 sessions (1 session per month, over 12 months; each session runs a full day from 8:30am to 4pm).

Join us for the first session at $50.

We believe that who we are is more important than what we do.

PURPOSE: Save leaders 20 years at a time. (#save20years)

VISION: Reshape the global economy by guiding millions to positively impact billions with The 12 Practices™, the world's most advanced management system. (Guiding millions, impacting billions)

MISSION: Create and accelerate the world's most advanced consultants (we call them 'advisors'), CEOs, companies, cities, and countries. (C5)

CORE VALUES: Passion. Strengths. Value. Greatest Contribution Zone (GCZ) is at the center of our passion, strengths, and value.

BRAND IDEAL: Impacting society. (Impact)

How did we become who we are? Tens of thousands of leaders all over the world kept asking us for help. Help with what, specifically? They wanted 10x more, 10x greater. They wanted much more in much less time. One day we received a phone call from a CEO that brilliantly summarizes the compendium of voices that have asked for our help. She asked, "Will you define it? Will you unpack it? Will you show us how?" We got the message. We were being called to solve this multi-billion-person grand challenge.

There is a vital distinction between accelerator and acceleration. The latter is critically important from startup to titan. Acceleration isn't about going faster just to go faster. Healthier, smarter, faster acceleration enables leaders to save 20 years at a time. These quantified 20-year quantum leaps along the Human Potential Continuum are experienced at each 10x growth inflection point, and enable us to be, do, have, and give more in dramatically less time. For clarity, we've not met a leader that doesn't want more in less time. We've devoted our entire lives to solving time acceleration. It is reshaping the global economy. All of this leads to this: your legacy matters now. Legacy-inspired leaders live their greatest legacy daily and leave a legacy that lives on for eternity.

How We Do It: The 12 Practices™

The 12 Practices™ (aka, Circularity OS) is the most advanced management system in the world. By advanced, we are talking about the simplicity on the other side of complexity. It is also holistic, integrated, and powerful.

This circular latticework of mental models (the smartest people in the world use a latticework of mental models to make better decisions, avoid problems, and achieve better results) works in every strategic situation, for the life of your business. It is best suited for leaders who dare greatness.

It has cost us an indescribable lifetime of research, experience, and adversity. The 12 Practices™ management system will both empower and equip you to outbrand (branding), outlead (leadership), outstrategize (strategy), outcommunicate (communication), outperform (team), outcreate (value creation), outmessage (advantage story), outmarket (marketing), outsell (sales), outdeliver (customer experience), outgrow (money), and outleverage (systems).



It has withstood every test imaginable: Every type of leader, 40+ countries, every type of strategy situation, hundreds of industries, triple bottom line (TBL) results in nearly 17,000 organizations, every kind and size of organization. It simply works. It works in the real world, every time, as long as your entire company is committed to learning, practicing, embodying, and mastering all 12 Practices.

The 12 Practices™ is the key to acceleration, at each growth inflection point. Smart and healthy acceleration. You can expect three kinds of transformation. One, you and your people will transform. Two, your organization will transform, dramatically increasing profits. (Remember this, your organization will transform and grow at the pace of the human transformation.) Three, the first two positively transform the planet.

Our Global Invitation

To positively impact more than a billion people on the planet (and intergalactically--don't laugh, we're being serious), we are looking to certify and license one million people. Our math is simple: 1b divided by 1m = 1,000. We believe it is realistic for each certified licensee to positively impact at least 1,000 people in their career.

Explore becoming a "12" today, the ultimate experience of autonomy, mastery, and purpose. We hunger for impact. Do you? If so, please seriously consider joining us today.