Editorial & Publishing
Strategic services for multichannel communications.


We help businesses and educational institutions maximize branding and revenue opportunities by providing custom publishing, advertising and content-development strategies.


Whether you’re producing a college-level textbook, sales training, or corporate communications, digital publishing requires smart content, smart technology, and smart people to put it all together.

Content is most effective when it is developed specifically for the technology or media in which it’s viewed. Chairseven is committed to delivering both the editorial process and the talent needed to consistently elevate the quality of your branded content or education initiatives.

Organizations communicate their message and provide value to their customers through a wide variety of publications and specialized content. Our team can help solidify a brand and communicate its message in all styles, ranging from technical writing to interactive content and scripting. This is accomplished through the creation of customized print and digital publications, interactive media, and videos by providing specialized content for social media channels and online platforms.

We provide full-service interactive content creation services for a diverse set of needs including storyboarding, instructional design, scripting and production. We also develop content-rich, engaging e-books and content for corporate training. 

Our core competency is digital content development and content technology innovation.

We work across industries to help you reach your target market with specialized business communications. 


Digital-first training & course books

Our authors and subject matter experts work hand-in-hand with content development specialists to build every publication with a digital-first mindset. 


We believe content should not only be interesting and engaging, but the way in which it is presented should be culturally relevant, with a contemporary design approach. Learning materials should never feel like learning materials, and so we place a major importance on simplicity and clarity of both writing style and design.