Cryptography Specialist

Do you have a passion for digital privacy, the analysis of security flaws, and the design of innovative devices that are able to address attack vectors that nothing else can?  Our client is seeking a security and cryptography expert to join their team of talented engineers and scientists. You would grow intimately familiar with system and product architectures and be involved in both architecture and implementation for all of our client's product offerings. You should be as excited about writing the code to implement Curve25519 as you would be architecting a brand new system for delivering a secret message from Alice to Bob without a metadata trail.


  • Masters or PhD degree in Computer Science or Mathematics
  • Detailed knowledge of cryptographic protocols and experience with implementation
  • 10+ years software engineering and programming experience, particularly in C
  • Familiarity with recent academic and industry research on security and cryptography
  • Familiarity with common threat models in mobile computing and telephony
  • Ability to analyze systems and protocols for potential flaws
  • Strong communication skills