Content Development
Your content is your brand.


We partner with publishers, schools, universities, and companies to develop interactive and engaging products with content and media crafted for digital-natives.

We study your business deeply so that we think as you think and develop content perfectly tailored to your customers.

Content development is a comprehensive, holistic process that integrates writing and editing, information architecture, technology platforms, marketing and support. Great content motivates action. Whether it’s clicking a link to explore related information, sharing, commenting or rewarding your content with a backlink, every piece of content should encourage users to engage with your brand.

We provide interactive content creation services for a diverse set of needs including storyboarding, instructional design, scripting, production and marketing.

From technical publications to new media, mobile, and engineering services, we can create the content you need to enlighten and empower your audiences to most effectively use, sell, and support your company’s products and services.


Our customers' business goals, cultural and financial objectives shape how we engage to develop curriculum and content that is optimally blended to increase learner satisfaction and be reusable across multiple formats.

We offer the following custom content and curriculum development services:

  • Assessment of organizational training needs
  • Online learning
  • Marketing collateral
  • Professional development
  • Instructional design
  • Development of course materials
  • Textbooks
  • Instructor training
  • Video & multimedia scripts
  • Interactive courses & labs

No matter how good the platform, technology is only a means. Great content is how you set yourself apart from the rest. 

Students are using technology more than ever outside of the classroom, which is changing the way they engage with content. Capitalizing on these changes, we develop content by analyzing our target audiences to produce the highest quality, most interactive and engaging content in education.

Online learning is developing at an ever increasing rate as universities and colleges recognize its vast potential to reach a deeper and fragmented student pool. The impact that online and electronic learning will have on future of education may be profound. Our goal is to answer the needs of a diversified student population whose requirements are predicated by the desire to constantly learn new things using the tools they love.


Our content is built to seamlessly integrate into online platforms and web-based portals.

As designers and developers of online content for the classroom we know the challenges of administrative training, security, and keeping students engaged.  By addressing these issues at the concept level we can not only produce content that users feel comfortable with, but that also reaches the goals set forth by faculty. 

Our experience in content production has taught us that authors and designers should always sit at the same table. We apply this with our team of instructional designers and multimedia developers who work directly with authors to transform text into an experience, that is both engaging and interactive. Providing students with content that is media rich not only engages them but also connects to their different learning styles.