Data Visualization & Analytics
Make data human.


We can help extract information from your data to optimize decision-making within your organization.


Gaining and maintaining a competitive edge in any business requires a commitment to establishing and monitoring the key performance indicators that are most critical to the overall performance and health of an enterprise.

Enterprises are surrounded by both structured and unstructured data. We can help you leverage the value of your data by transforming it into useful information and making it readily accessible to decision-makers. 


Our goal is to provide business insight in a seamless manner that’s both smooth and instantaneous. Whether your organization is interested in building a new data warehouse, providing enhanced analysis and reporting capabilities to your internal and external customers, or upgrading your existing “big data” solution, we can develop the custom analytics insight your business needs.

We create beautiful and engaging data visualization apps that put the power of your data to work for your organization.

Chairseven provides the imagination, expertise and services to create stunning custom visualizations and UI designs to make your analytics vision into reality. We can help you understand and express complex data through information graphics, interactive tools, and software for the web, and mobile devices.


Get granular insights

Get precise results so you can control your data and build reliable reports.


Differentiate with data

Show the value your organization provides by embedding a dashboard directly in your app or website.


Focus on product

Data works best as a conversation. Stay committed to your core product and its value to users.