Team Enhancement Services

A unique way of working with our clients, Chairseven’s Team Enhancement Service is a great way to bring our qualified and talented developers onto your team. If you’re having trouble finding the “right fit” or someone with the skills that are unique to your team or project, chances are that we have someone that’s perfect for you.

Chairseven is not a staffing company. As a technology advisory firm, we operate with our client’s needs in the forefront of our mind – not finding resumes and putting them on your desk. Each of our developers understand and are committed to delivering on our brand promise: to be completely transparent and communicative (our Transparency Imperative) and to understand and help communicate the importance of the Circle of Competence for each project. Ultimately, we’re here to do everything in our power to help make your project a success.

Our Development Consultants are there for as long as you need them, and are integrated directly into your team’s work flow – whether they are on site or remote workers.


Looking for contract work?

If you’re a developer who is looking to take part with us in some really exciting projects, we'd love to hear from you. If you’re passionate about what you do – and most importantly, if you’re a communicator who likes to get involved with teams committed to excellence, we’d love to talk to you! Our contract jobs offer remote or on-site work, competitive pay, and opportunities for international travel. Below are some of our current opportunities.