Chairseven Payment Policy

Effective date: 01/01/2016

Here's the breakdown of how you can pay your invoice:

  • Wire or ACH Transfer. To pay via Wire or ACH Transfer, please contact us for wire transfer information.

  • By Personal or Business Check. (If the amount you’re remitting is larger than $9,999.99, you must pay with a wire or ACH transfer.)

PLEASE NOTE:  We DO NOT accept checks sent via the United States Postal Service. Checks received via USPS will be destroyed upon receipt and will not be processed.

If you are mailing a check, you must send it via Overnight/Next Day UPS or FedEx, and email the tracking number to your Chairseven contact. Once we receive your tracking number and the amount sent, your invoice will be marked as paid.

Please send all checks, via trackable overnight/next day UPS or FedEx, to:

Chairseven Companies, Inc.
1185 Avenue of the Americas
3rd Floor
New York, NY 10036

Remember to email your tracking number and amount paid to your Chairseven contact.


And, most importantly, thank you for your business!